Terms and Conditions

Please read Terms and Conditions below before submitting your message. Thank you.

Depending upon the nature of your enquiry, the secretary may be able to reply directly to you. However, if it is not possible for the secretary to answer your query, then your message could be added to the ‘Recent Notices’ on the BLHA website and also circulated by email to our association members and member societies.  Circulation via the website and by email may reach someone who is able to help you. The website posting and email distribution will include your name and email address for replies direct to you. 

Should you wish for your message to be posted on the BLHA website and/ or distributed by email to members and member societies, then please ensure that your query is written how you wish it to be seen on the website or distributed by email. In addition, please make it clear that you give permission for your query and contact details to be posted on the website and included in email distribution.

Bedfordshire Local History Association