John Bunyan’s Education

I am currently undertaking research into John Bunyan’s education and although there is no reliable information that I have found with regard to where and if he actually attended formal schooling, I am interested in two sites.

The first is Harpur’s endowed school in Bedford … which I think is actually unlikely … and the second is Sir Francis Clarke’s school at Houghton Conquest.

Of the two, this seems the more interesting although Buynan could only have attended this school after the death of Sir Francis.  My main interest remains possible links between, on the one hand Bunyan’s education and Sidney Sussex College in Cambridge and his description of the House Beautiful in The Pilgrim’s Progress, on the other hand.

I would be grateful for any pointers that you might have with regard to this …. (I am afraid that I am not able to pursue my researches in an English library without returning to Britain!) However, any book references that might be able to help will also be very much appreciated.

Best wishes

John Hart, 5, rue Major René Debreucq, Brussels 1050,