Atkinson’s Store in Dunstable

Trying to locate Atkinson’s Store in Dunstable I believe my great-grandparents, William Thomas Reed Atkinson and Mary Atkinson, nee Camper, once had a general store in Dunstable, and my brother and I are trying to determine its location. I’ve attached a proof-image of the store taken c.1905, and would appreciate any feedback your history association might be able to provide.

William Atkinson Shop

William Atkinson became a famous violin make, and, although he lived most of his life in Tottenham, London, this might provide you with a clue as to the period of time he and Mary lived in Bedfordshire (see attached 1992 Vignette by Professor B. W. Harvey, Faculty of Law, University of Birmingham, later illustrated by me). William Thomas Reed Atkinson Violin Maker

Regards,  Peter Thomas, Falcon, Western Australia