Views of Old Bedfordshire

BLHA member, Mr John Day, has spent the past five years developing a website  containing old images of Ampthill where he lived for over 50 years. It’s a  voluntary enterprise to reflect his interest in pictorial history and to keep  him busy in retirement. Access to the site is totally free and there are no  advertisements. The first version of the site contained 2,500 images and the  second version had 6,000.

There was great interest and he was asked to consider including the surrounding area. This he has been doing over  time and there are now over 15,000 images,  many of which are from what was roughly the middle and western part of the old  Mid-Beds area.

Mr Day is fortunate to have a good  long-standing arrangement with the Bedford and Luton Archive and Records  Service in Bedford that allows him to scan and publish from their collection of  many thousands of Bedford Press glass plate negatives for the period 1938–1966  on the understanding that his site is 100% non-commercial and that access is  free.

All the pictures can be seen at Use the red and blue navigation buttons to choose between Ampthill or Around and About and  then select from the lists of albums.