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JournalVolumeNotes, News and ArticlesPDF Download
Summer 2024Issue 10.5Summer 2024, Issue 10.5
BLHA2024 AGM and Conference
Farewell to Mike Turner and Alan Hunter
Orwell and Bedford
The Muster at the King’s Manor of Ampthill in 1536
The Short Brothers: Aviation Pioneers
Book Review: Bedfordshire Probate Inventories before 1660
Local History Books
Publication Received
HIB Summer 2024 Issue 10.5
Spring 2024Issue 10.4Spring 2024, Issue 10.4
BLHA Spring Event
BLHA 2024 AGM and Conference
The Huddleston Family and Bedford
The Great Northern Railway, Part 2
Society Bookshelf
Publication Received
HIB 10.4 Spring 2024 Journal
Winter 2023Issue 10.3Winter 2023/24, Issue 10.3
BLHA Spring Event
BLHA 2024 AGM and Conference
Jewish Evacuees to Bedfordshire 1939–1945
Michael Rutt, 1935–2023
Evangelist Extraordinary: The Rev Timothy Matthews
Disasters from Bedfordshire’s Skies: The Disappearance of Glenn
The Great Northern Railway, Part 1
Society Bookshelf
Publication Received
Autumn 2023Issue 10.2Autumn 2023, Issue 10.2
BLHA Autumn Event – Chester House Estate
A bridge too far . . .
The Tacchi Family, Part 2:
Society Bookshelf
Summer 2023Issue 10.1Summer 2023, Issue 10.1
From the Editor: Mike Pratt
Stuart Antrobus gains National Award
Harrold Priory
The Tacchi Family, Part 1
Colmworth and Neighbours History: Volume 5
A History of Some Faith Groups in Bedford. A Special Issue of Bedford Local History Magazine
Society Bookshelf
Final Offa
HIB 10.1
Spring 2023Issue 9.12Spring 2023, Issue 9.12
2023 Conference
Nicholas Rowe (1674–1718), Bedfordshire-born playwright
John Clare, the peasant poet
The Sunderlands, the Wythes and Ravensden
The Turner Letters: Letters from Home: from Milton Ernest, Bedfordshire to St Andrews, New Brunswick 1830–1845
Henry Clutton, Victorian Architect of Gothic Revival Churches and Country Houses
An Unassuming County: The Making of the Bedfordshire Countryside
Society Bookshelf
Publication Received
HIB 9.12

Winter 2022Issue 9.11Brian Lazelle
Roman Horse Find
Trade Tokens: A Bedfordshire Conundrum or Two:
Pastoral Problems: John Bolton, Vicar of Sharnbrook:
Alexander Grafton, 1845–1907
Dark deeds at the Catherine Wheel, Biggleswade?
Society Bookshelf
Publication received: Bedford Local History Magazine, Autumn 2022
Autumn 2022, SpecialIssue 9.10Lives and Landscapes on the North End of the Greensand Ridge
By Dorothy Jamieson
1. Overview and introduction to the landscape
2. The Everton Estate and the Pym family
3. Everton church, village and parish
4. The Woodbury Estate
5. The former Gamlingay Park site, Tetworth Hall and Gamlingay Cinques
Autumn 2022Issue 9.9Mosquito MK NF XVII HK304
Bedfordshire’s Astronomers
A History of the Vice-Masters at Bedford School
AGM and Conference Report 2022
Book Review: The Forgotten Giant of Bletchley Park
Society Bookshelf
Summer 2022Issue 9.8BLHA 2022 Conference Programme and Booking Form
In search of Bedfordshire’s Festival of Britain Village Signs:
American Forces in WW2 Bedford, 1942–1945:
The Vicar of Keysoe: Domesday and Triangulation:
Society Bookshelf
Publication Received
Spring 2022Issue 9.7BLHA 2022 Conference Programme and Booking Forms
Robert Bloomfield (1766–1823) – the self-taught rural poet
Henry Ryland (1856–1924) – painter and illustrator
The Flitwick Artists
Sir Albert Richardson: an Ampthill artist
Book Review: Tangled Souls: Love and Scandal among the Victorian Aristocracy
Society Bookshelf
Winter 2021/22Issue 9.6The Legacy of the 1951 Festival of Britain in Bedfordshire
My Memories of the Festival of Britain
The Saxon Coin Hoard Find in Langford
Life as a Land Girl, Pt 2:
Notes from the Beds Mercury: Agriculture
Society Bookshelf
Publication Received
Autumn 2021Issue 9.5Society News: Turvey; Langford; Sharnbrook; Archaeology, local history and the Pandemic
Life as a Land Girl, Pt 1
My Father-in-Law trained with Violette Szabo
Reviews: Colmworth & Neighbours History, Volume 4 ; At the Long Ford; Life in Bedford during the Second World War
Society Bookshelf
Summer 2021Issue 9.4News: BLHA AGM & Conference – 'Life on the Home Front'
Sue Jarrett, 1955–2020
Prologue: Beating the Invader
The Gravenhurst Home Guard –1944
Don’t Panic – Life in the Biggleswade Home Guard
Bedford Vehicles in the Second World War
Society Bookshelf
Publications Received
Spring 2021Issue 9.3Announcements: BLHA Spring Event; BLHA AGM & Conference
The Addingtons of Langford and Henlow
Langford in the Nineteenth Century
Bedfordshire Dialect
Vera Brittain searches for John Bunyan
Robert Atherton: From Plough to Parsonage
Society Bookshelf
Winter 2020/21Issue 9.2Update on the 2021 AGM and Conference
From the Editor
Treds and tilth
‘Captain Swing’ in Bedfordshire: Rural unrest and protest,
The Luton Peace Day Riots
The River Ivel
Bedfordshire Dialect
Society Bookshelf
Publication received
Autumn 2020Issue 9.1Sister Fanny (1836–1907): Pioneer Church of England deaconess in Bedford:
The Lancastria tragedy and Private Ronald Charles Pates:
Notes from the Beds Mercury: Wild Life
Peter Gilman, artist
Society Bookshelf ~ page 23
Summer Special 2020Issue 8.12The Legacy of the Le Mesurier and Halliley Families
to Bedford 1834–1927
Society Bookshelf
Book Review: Wartime Strangers
Publication Received: Bedford Local History Magazine, No 104
Summer 2020Issue 8.11From the Editor
VE Day ~ page 2
The Brown family of Carlton and the Bunyan Connection
Bunyan’s Bedford
Society Bookshelf
Notes from the Bedford Times
VE Day Memories
Spring 2020Issue 8.102020 AGM and Conference Announcement
Bedfordshire’s Gold Rush; The Pulloxhill Gold Mine
Clifford Gore Brown Wyatt Chambers: Teacher, Historian and Author
Coin hoard update
Improve Your Publications
Bedford Musings: Sir Wiiliam Harpur; The Great Storm 1672
Society Bookshelf
Passing Through: The Grand Junction Canal In West Hertfordshire 1791–1841,
The Bedford Diary of Leah Aynsley 1943–1946.
Winter 2019/20Issue 8.92020 AGM and Conference
Carlton & Chellington Society
Society publications
Bedfordshire’s Polar Heroes
BLHA Spring Workshop on GIS
Autumn 2019Issue 8.8BLHA Autumn Event
Langford’s historian: Ralph Turner 1923 to 2019
War Gen
Harrold Priory
Gladys Louise West and the Women’s Land Army/Timber Corps
Willington and the Mowbrays: After the Peasants’ Revolt
The Designed Landscapes of Bedfordshire: Conference Report
Summer 2019Issue 8.7A brief history of St Peter de Merton, Bedford
From Willington manor court rolls
The Duchess of Bedford and the colour of naval uniforms
Bedford History Timeline
‘Holidays at Home’ in Bedford during the Second World War
One of the Few
The Last Pillbox in Bedford
Book Reviews: Leighton Buzzard in 50 Buildings; Bedford History Timeline
Spring 2019Issue 8.62019 AGM and Conference
Bedfordshire’s Other Admiral, who carried the can for Jutland
Orchards East
Book Review: Colmworth and Neighbouring Villages
Publication Received: Bedford Local History Magazine, Oct 2018
Winter 2018/19Issue 8.5GIS Applications in Local History Workshop
2019 AGM and Conference
Appeal for help
Scandal in Sutton: the Story of the Rev Dr Edward Drax:
About Bedford
Book Review: Secret Bedford
Publication Received: Bedford Local History Magazine
Autumn 2018Issue 8.4BLHA Autumn Event
Richard Hugh Wildman (1947–2018)
Conference 2018
RAF Henlow
Publications received
Summer 2018Issue 8.3BLHA AGM and Conference 2018, 2
Life on the Home Front in Bedford during the Great War 8
Spring 2018Issue 8.2BLHA AGM and Conference 2018 and Autumn Event, 2
BLHA Spring Event: visit to Island Hall, Godmanchester, 3–4
Notes and news
BLHA’s first booklet: Henry John Sylvester Stannard, 5
Votes for Women: The Suffrage Movement in Bedfordshire, 6
The Granada Cinema, Bedford, 14
Saunderson Tractors, 17
Review: Henry John Sylvester Stannard with notes on his daughter
Theresa Sylvester Stannard. 20
Winter 2017/18Issue 8.1Notes and news, 2
Did the Willington peasants revolt?, 2
The Bedfordshire Bibliography, 2
A Place in the Country, 2
An American at Wrest: Wrest Park in Edwardian Times, 3
The Rise and Fall of Hall of Crosshall, 9
Luton Red Cross Band. 13
Bedfordshire Local History Magazine, 16
Autumn 2017Issue 7.12Notes and news, 2
New book: Dorothy Clotilda Shuttleworth, 2
Portrait of Dorothy Lady Monoux (1684–1758), 2
From ploughboy to missionary: The life of Arthur Hills, Part 2, 3
The Fallen of Gravenhurst in the Great War, 11
Summer 2017Issue 7.11BLHA AGM & Conference 2017 Report, 2–4
Notes and news, 4
BLHA Autumn Event, 4
Remember them by sharing the memory, 4
BLHA Autumn Event: details and booking form, 5
From ploughboy to missionary: The life of Arthur Hills, Part 1, 7
Biggleswade’s Laughing Policeman: Charles Penrose (1873–1952), 14
A Postscript, 17
Publication received: Bedfordshire Local History Magazine, 18
Spring 2017Issue 7.10* BLHA AGM & Conference 2017, 2–4
* BLHA Spring Event: Visit to Harlington Manor, 5
* Notes and news, 5
* BLHA Autumn Event, 5
* Grafton Regis events, 5
* New Light on Dr George Witt, 1804–69, Part 2, 6
Winter 2016Issue 7.9BLHA AGM & Conference 2017, 2
BLHA Networking initiative, 3
Notes and news, 4
Motor Meet at Wrest Park in 1907, 4
Secret rooms with beautiful wallpaper, 6
Coin hoard, 6
From the Editor, 6
New Light on Dr George Witt, 1804–69, Part I, 7
Book Reviews
Wind, Water and Steam: The Story of Hertfordshire’s Mills, 18
Farmers, Consumers, Innovators: The World of Joan Thirsk, 19
Bedford Local History Magazine, 20
Autumn 2016Issue 7.8* From the Editor, 2
* BLHA AGM and Annual Conference 2016, 3
* Notes and news, 6
* BLHA sponsored workshops at the Record Office, 6
* Poachers, Thugs and Thieves, 6
* Society for Clay Pipe Research Conference 2016, 7
* Scenes of Bedford: A dip into the historic postcard/photograph collection at Bedford Central Library: Stuart Antrobus, 8
Summer 2016Issue 7.7* From the Editor, 2
* Notes and news, 3
* Visit to Rippington Manor, 3
* A reminder to enjoy Capability Brown’s Landscapes, 3
* Don’t forget the postcard collection at Bedford Library, 4
* Fire at the First World War Military Hospital at Wrest Park: C J P Martin, 5
* Written in Stone: an early accident on the Great Northern Railway: Jane Dale, 10
* Book Review: Bedford Choral Society: Richard Morgan, 15
* Fatal Accident in 1904, 16
Spring 2016Issue 7.6* BLHA Annual Conference and AGM 2016, 2–4
* From the Editor, 5
* Notes and news, 6
* Enjoy Capability Brown’s Landscapes, 6
* New natural history book from Stevington, 7
* Postcard collection at Bedford Library, 8
* The First World War Hospital at Wrest Park: Dr Andrew Hann,8
* ‘Their Name Liveth for Evermore’: Lidlington Casualties – The Great War, 1914–1918: Colin West, 13
* Leighton Buzzard’s Dark Side: James Bartlett, 15
* Langford in 1827: John Shipman, 16
Winter 2015Issue 7.5* BLHA AGM and Annual Conference 2016
* From the Editor: page 3
* Notes and news page 4
* Bedfordshire Archives and Records Service page 4
* Hidden history revealed in Biggleswade page 5
* The joys of getting side-tracked in Historical Research: STUART ANTROBUS page 6
Autumn 2015Issue 7.4* BLHA Autumn Event
* From the Editor
* Disasters from Bedfordshire’s Skies:2 The Flying Duchess: JOHN THURSTON
* Postcard from the Front, 1918: The Cobbler Hero: TED MARTIN
* Warden Abbey: your local residential care home: MARGARET ROBERTS
Summer 2015Issue 7.3* From the Editor: 3
* Notes and news 3
* BLHA Conference 2015
* BLHA Conference 2016
* Biggleswade Common
* Alan Richardson
* Festival of British Archaeology, 11–26 July 2015
* Carlton and Chellington History Society, talk
* Disasters from Bedfordshire’s Skies: 1. The R101 Disaster, JOHN THURSTON
* Conference delegates get their just desserts
Spring 2015Issue 7.2* From the Editor, 3
* Notes and news, 4
* Langford Index of Names, 4
* Willington Dovecote and Stables, 2015 programme, 4
* Archaeology: west of Willington Dovecote: Dorothy Jamieson, 5
* The Eaton Socon Cage: David Bushby and Sue Jarrett, 6
* Book reviews: Richard Morgan and Ted Martin, 13
Winter 2014Issue 7.1* From the Editor, 3
* Notes and news, 3
* Willington celebrates, 3
* A relic of Bedford’s industrial past, 5
* The Norman Arch at St Peter de Merton, Bedford: Rosemary Evans, 6
* The Knitting Bishop: Jane Croot, 9
* Book review: Ted Martin, 11
* Book notice: 12
Autumn 2014Issue 6.9* Eltisley History Society book
* Bedford Local History Magazine
* My small part in D-day: Vic Brunt
* Rich and poor Bedfordshire clergy in the 18th century: Pt 2: Richard Morgan
* A New Pevsner!: Ted Martin
* Book Notice: The Rise of Methodism: A Study of Bedfordshire 1736–1851, by Jonathan Rodell.
Summer 2014Issue 6.8* BLARS booking system
* Rich and poor Bedfordshire clergy in the 18th century: Pt 1: Richard Morgan
* Bedfordshire in 1670: evidence from the hearth tax, Pt 2: Dorothy Jamieson
Spring 2014Issue 6.7* BLHA Annual Conference 2014 & AGM
* Bedfordshire in 1670: evidence from the hearth tax, Pt 1: Dorothy Jamieson
• Book Reviews: Ted Martin
Winter 2013Issue 6.6* Dr James Dyer: Kevan Fadden
* The Muster at the King’s Manor of Ampthill in 1536: Mike Turner
* Book Notices
Autumn 2013Issue 6.5* What’s been going on in Willington
* Polar medals
* Self-sufficiency in mid-Beds villages in the 1920s and 1930s: Stuart Antrobus
* Book Reviews: Ted Martin
Summer 2013Issue 6.4* Autumn Event
* Apology
* BBC Radio 4 programme
* Books Received
* Papermaking in Bedfordshire: Daven Chamberlain
* Bedfordshire Milestones: Michael Knight
* Book Review: Ted Martin
Spring 2013Issue 6.3• Heritage Lottery Fund
• Langford History Society
• BLHA Summer Event
• The Rev Thomas Whitehurst, Rector of Colmworth: Richard Morgan
• Books: Ted Martin
Winter 2012Issue 6.2• The Turnpike Age: Bob Claridge
• All Change at Bedford: Peter Butler
Autumn 2012
Issue 6.1
• The Heritage Lottery Fund
• New Book: Knighton Grange
• Aspley Cherry-Garrard, 1886—1959 TED MARTIN
• The Zeebrugge Raid, Part 2: TED MARTIN
• Book Review: How Bedfordshire Voted, 1735—1784, by James Collett-White: TED MARTIN
Summer 2012 Issue 5.12• Autumn Event: Maps for the Local Historian;
• Woad;
• New books
• The Zeebrugge Raid, Part 1: TED MARTIN
• Review article: The Brooks family of Flitwick: TED MARTIN
Spring 2012 Issue 5.11• Grave of the founder of Battersea Dogs Home;
• New book: Life Runneth as The Brooks
• BLHA Annual Conference
• West Gallery music: LINDA REED
• The Bedford to Hitchin Railway: TED MARTIN
• A panacea in Bedford: TED MARTIN
• Review: Colmworth & Neighbours History
Winter 2011Issue 5.10• World War II and the LBC at Stewartby, Part 2, by STUART ANTROBUS
• 2012 BLHA Local History Conference and AGM
• Centenary of BLARS
• Village Shop Records
• Calendar of Events 2012
• Augustus Henry Orlebar and the Schneider Trophy Part 2 by ANN COOPER and MIKE PRATT
Autumn 2011 Issue 5.9• World War II and the LBC at Stewartby, Part 1, by Stuart Antrobus
• Historic Environment Research Conferences 2011 – 2012
• The Wool Trade in Bedfordshire
• Calendar of Events 2011 – 2012
• Augustus Henry Orlebar and the Schneider Trophy, Part 1, by Ann Cooper and Mike Pratt
Summer 2011 Issue 5.8• BLHA Autumn Event
• Heritage Open Days
• Hillfort Walk
• Support and Leadership for UK Archives
• A Volcano in Iceland?, by Richard Morgan
• The Dillys of Southill, Dr Johnson and Admiral Byng, by Ted Martin
• Book Review: Villagers: 750 years of life in an English village, by James Brown
Spring 2011 Issue 5.7• BLHA Spring Event
• BLHA Hon Secretary
• Calendar of Events 2011
• BLHA Annual Conference
• The prison at Norman Cross: a ‘Time Team’ investigation: Paul Chamberlain
• Benjamin Rhodes of Ampthill, c1610 – 57: Part 2 by Richard Morgan
• Book Review: A History of Luton from the Conquerors to Carnival, by Anne Allsopp
Winter 2010/11 Issue 5.6• BLHA Hon Secretary
• Calendar of Events 2011
• Photographic Bequest
• The 2nd Bedfords in France (Book Offer)
• Bedford Museum Closure
• BLHA Annual Conference and AGM 2011
• Murder in Blackgrove Wood, Tilsworth, 1821
• Benjamin Rhodes of Ampthill c1610 – 57: Part 1 by Richard Morgan
• Stayesmore Manor, Carlton: Part 2 by Mike Pratt
• Book Review: The 2nd Bedfords in France and Flanders 1914 – 1918
Autumn 2010 Issue 5.5• 2011 BLHA Conference
• BBC Hands on History
• Breaking New Ground: Nineteenth Century Allotments (New Book)
• Bridge to Bedford, by Bryan Ellis
• Stayesmore Manor, Carlton: Part 1, by Mike Pratt
• Book Review: The Man who Ran London during the Great War, by Richard Morris
Summer 2010 Issue 5.4• A Walk to an Iron Age Hill Fort
• BLHA Conference
• ‘A Painted Landscape’ (art exhibition)
• Historypin
• Millers and Methodists (new book)
• Bedfordshire’s First Blue Plaque by Maurice Blackman
• The Women’s Land Army in Bedfordshire during the First World War—Pt 2 by Stuart Antrobus
• Book Review: Pirton—A Village in Anguish by Derek Jarrett
Spring 2010 Issue 5.3• Association’s new website
• Local and Community History Month
• WH Allen engineering works
• Stewartby Brickworks
•‘ Three Market Towns’ DVD
• Woburn Heritage Trust: Open Gardens and Scarecrow Competition
• BLHA AGM and Annual Conference 2010
• The Women’s Land Army in Bedfordshire during the First World War—Part 1, by Stuart Antrobus
• Promoting our County
• National History Month
• Heritage Open Days
• The Millbrook War Memorial
• Book Review: Biggleswade and the Great War: Our Own Flesh and Blood by Kenneth Wood (The History Press)
Winter 2009/10Issue 5.2• BLHA Spring Event: Adding Branches to your Family Tree
• BLHA Annual Conference 2010 and AGM
• Gold in the Attic
• A church and village memorials project, by Elisabeth Roberts
• Village memorials projects
• Book Review: British Built Aircraft, Volume 4, Central and Eastern England, by Ron Smith
Autumn 2009Issue 5.1• 2009 BLHA Annual Conference and AGM
• 2010 BLHA Annual Conference and AGM
• Archaeology Review (event)
• Woad in Bedfordshire, by Vivian Billington
• ‘Winds of Change’ Exhibition (event) (letter to Editor)
• BLHA List of Speakers
• New publications: A Soldier in Bedfordshire: The Diary of Private Denis Argent, Royal Engineers, by Patricia and Robert Malcolmson
Spring 2009Issue 4.12• 2009 BLHA Annual Conference and AGM
• Ailesbury Mausoleum: 2009 Opening Dates
• Ampthill Castle or Manor—A Brief Historical Outline by Kevin Fadden
• Summary of Information obtained from Accounts for the King’s Manor of Ampthill 1533—1539, by MJB Turner
• Book offer from Chris Pickford
• New publications: Signals - A Railway Miscellany, by Murray Eckett
Winter 2008/9Issue 4.11• 2009 BLHA Annual Conference and AGM
• ‘The Biggest Archaeological Dig in Bedfordshire’ (talk)
• BLHA Website Competition
• Bedfordshire Historical Record Society
• Ampthill Historian receives national award (Andrew Underwood)
• Clapham Historical Society
• Farming in Bedfordshire 1883
• British Association for Local History
• New publications: Lutonian Odyssey: Reminiscences of Lily Field for 1915 – 52, by Clive D Field OBE
• Leighton Buzzard and Linslade History, by Paul Brown
Summer 2008Issue 4.10• BLHA Autumn Meeting
• 2009 Local History Conference and AGM
• Maulden Mausoleum Vandalised by Lead Thieves
• A Changing Village—Clapham, by John F Pickering
• Sugar from Beetroot in 1869 Clapham
• Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education, Bedford—Forthcoming courses
• New Publications: “We wouldn’t have missed it for the World”—The Women’s Land Army in Bedfordshire by Stuart Antrobus
• Mr Metcalfe’s Congregational Chapel at Roxton by Stella Gibbs
• How Bedfordshire Voted, 1685 – 1735: The Evidence of Local Poll Books (Vol 2 1716 – 1735) by James Collett-White
Spring 2008Issue 4.9• Annual General Meeting 2008
• A Record for Luton—The Dominion Record Company by Barry Wolsey
• Recent Deposits in the Bedfordshire & Luton Archives and Record Service by the Ampthill & District Archaeological and Local History Society
• BLHA Meeting Celebrating Fifteen Years—A Member’s Report by Pauline Wolsey
• BLHA Committee Elected for 2008/9
• Toddington Town Band
Winter 2007/8Issue 4.8• 15th Anniversary Meeting of BLHA
• 2008 Local History Conference and AGM
• Digging up Sharnbrook’s Past, by Des Hoar and June Barnes
• Caddington Local History Group
• New Publications: Bridges of Time by Shela Porter
Summer 2007Issue 4.7• 2008 Local History Conference and AGM
• 15th Anniversary Meeting of BLHA
• English Heritage Websites
• Two Years in the Life of a Local History Group—Willington
• New Publications:
• Bernard West’s Bedfordshire edited by Gordon Vowles
• The Bousfield Diaries—A Middle Class Family in Late Victorian Bedford edited by Richard Smart
• The Spy Capital of Britain—Bedfordshire’s Secret War 1939 – 1945 by Stephen Bunker
Spring 2007Issue 4.6• Autumn Palaeography Workshop
• Some Gleanings from the Censuses for Clophill, Bedfordshire by Colin Watt
• Population
• Life Expectancy
• Occupations
• Migration
• Study—The Ashwells
• The Biggleswade History Society
• Willington History Group
Winter 2006/7Issue 4.5• The Hiberno-Saxon Runic Stone at the Church of St Peter de Merton, Bedford
• Ampthill & District Archaeological and Local History Society
• New Publications:
• How Bedfordshire Voted 1685 – 1735: The Evidence of Local Poll Books (Vol 1 1685 – 1715) by James Collet-White
Autumn 2006Issue 4.4• Bushmead Priory
• 2007 Local History Conference & AGM
• A Brief History of St Leonard’s Hospital, Bedford, by Stephen R Coleman
• The Dunstable & District History Society
• New publication: Plain Mr. Whitbread, by S C Whitbread
Summer 2006Issue 4.3• 2006 Annual Conference
• 2006 AGM
• A Brief History of the Feoffee Cottages of Toddington by John Viner
• Reviews: •Bedfordshire Wills 1531 – 1539
• Bedfordshire Parish Poor Law Papers 1622 – 1834
• New Publications: •Chalk of my Shoes—Memoirs of a Chilterns Childhood by Keith T Norcott
• Potton Baptists by Stan Evers
• Bedfordshire Women’s Land Army

Spring 2006Issue 4.2• Register of Speakers
• BLHA Newsletter—articles required
• Leighton Buzzard Fire Service—A History by Maurice Blackman
• BLHA Representative on BLARS User Panel
• Public Safety in Church Graveyards
• Profile of Colmworth & Neighbours’ History Society
Winter 2005/6Issue 4.1• Appeal for articles for BLHA Newsletter
• A Comparison of Historical Knowledge with a Resistance Survey by Kevan Fadden and Mike Turner
• New Publications: •A Brewery in Bedford by Roger Protz
• A Victorian Family at Houghton Conquest 1838 – 1878 by Simon Houfe
• Cameo of Fashion 1951 – 1982 by Thelma Marks
• Bygone Biggleswade—Volume 3
Autumn 2005Issue 3.12• The Bedfordshire Local History Association
• 2005 Annual Conference and AGM
• Digital Newspapers as a Local History Tool by Barry Dackombe
• Bedford Hills Historical Museum, New York State
• Obituary—Anne Mary Buck
Spring 2005Issue 3.11• BLHA Spring Exhibition: Pre-1918 Post cards
• AGM & BLHA Conference 18th June 2005, Harlington
• BLHA Autumn Workshop
• Connections between Brookses and Dells of Flitwick Manor by Richard Morgan
• Maulden Mausoleum
• Bedfordshire Gardens Trust
• BLHA Web Site
• New Publications
Summer 2004Issue 3.10• BLHA Autumn Workshop – The Parish Chest
• BLHA Spring Exhibition: Pre-1918 Post cards
• AGM & BLHA Conference 18th June 2005, Harlington
• An outline History of Bedfordshire’s Women’s Land Army in the 1940s, Part 2, by Stuart Antrobus
• Bedfordshire and Luton Archives and Records Service
• Letter from Archive CD Books
• New Publications
Winter 2003/04Issue 3.9• Visit to Moggerhanger House
• Annual General Meeting [2004]
• Annual Conference [2004]
• Autumn Workshop 2004
• An outline History of Bedfordshire’s Women’s Land Army in the 1940s, Part 1, by Stuart Antrobus
• Letters to the Editor
• New Publications
Summer 2003Issue 3.8• BLHA Workshop Maps for Local History
• AGM and Annual Conference 2004
• Letter to the Editor from John Pitts of Toddington HS
• The Orangery at Wrest Park by Mike Turner
• New Publications
Winter 2002/03Issue 3.7• Bedfordshire in the 1950s, Exhibition
• AGM 2003
• Annual Conference 2003
• Rich and Poor Bedfordshire Clergy and their Patrons by Richard Morgan
• New Publications
Autumn 2002 Issue 3.6• BLHA Autumn Workshop
• Bedfordshire in the 1950s, Exhibition
• AGM 2003
• Annual Conference 2003
• Luton Museum in Partnership with the Local Community by Elizabeth Adey
• Can you type? Assist Local History Project
• Maulden Mausoleum
• 40th Anniversary Conference Ampthill and District Local History Society
• New Publications
Summer 2002Issue 3.5• Bedford Heritage Website Competition
• BLHA Autumn Workshop
• Bedfordshire in the 1950s, Exhibition
• Annual Conference 2003
• St Peter’s, Bedford: An Anglo-Saxon Church by R R Evans
• New Publications
• AGM 2002
• New Publications
Winter 2001/02Issue 3.4• Web Workshop at Redborne Community College, Ampthill
• AGM 2002
• Bedfordshire Local History Conference 2002
• Local Newspapers: An Account of an Indexing Project by Alan Hunter
• Bedfordshire Libraries
• The 1901 Census
• Bedford Heritage Website Competition
• British Association for Local History Regional Conference 2001
• Wilstead (Wilshamstead)
• New Publications
Summer 2001Issue 3.3• British Association for Local History Regional Conference 2001
• Bedfordshire Libraries Gateway to the Internet
• Maulden Mausoleum by Brian Lazelle
• Betty Chambers
Winter 2000/01Issue 3.2• Bedfordshire in World War 2 Exhibition
• AGM 2001
• Annual Conference 2001
• British Association for Local History Regional Conference 2001
• The 1910 ‘Domesday’ Finance Act Records by Kevin Ward
• Know your Current Committee
• BHRS Publications
• John Lunn
• New Publications
Summer 2000Issue 3.1• Autumn Workshop 2000
• Bedfordshire in World War 2 Exhibition
• Mary Rose and HMS Warrior
• Verulamium
• BLHA at Roxton
• Free Services Offer from Bedford Museum
• RE 521 Field Survey
• Milestones under Threat
• AGM 2000 Report
• New Publications
• Further Publications
• Historic Holidays
• Records Office
Spring 2000Issue 2.12• Visit by the Chairman of the British Association for Local History
• Local History Conference 2000
• Autumn Workshop
• Wartime Bedfordshire
• Bedfordshire Magazine
• Joyce Godber
• The Knoll, Ampthill by Barry Dackombe
• New Publications
• An Appeal for Local Histories
Winter 1999/2000Issue 2.11• Wartime Bedfordshire – An Exhibition
• AGM May 2000
• Bedfordshire Local History Conference 2000
• Visit to the Imperial War Museum
• A Cry for Help
• The Bedfordshire Historic Environment Record by Stephen Coleman
• Know Your Committee
• Factory Inspector’s Report 1890 [Luton] by Elizabeth Adey
• A New Local Society [Riseley]
• New Publications
Summer 1999Issue 2.10• Wartime Bedfordshire
• Other Events
• Harry Arch
• Success and Failure of the Turnpike Trusts by Omer Roucoux
• Quarter Sessions 19th December 1754
• New Publications
Winter 1998/9Issue 2.9• AGM 1999
• Other Events
• Aspley Guise in the 19th Century (1815–1915) by Michael Kemp
• A Letter from the Editor of the Bedfordshire Magazine
• Chicksands Priory by Peter Wood
• Recent Publications
Summer 1998Issue 2.8• Bedfordshire in the Nineteenth Century
• Your Newsletter requires your Help!
• In search of a Duck Decoy by Kevan Fadden
• Festival of Britain Placename Boards in Bedfordshire
• Autumn Courses
Winter 1997/8Issue 2.7• Future Events
• AGM 1998
• Bedfordshire Local History Conference 1998
• People
• Bedfordshire in the 19th Century
• Manors and Manorial Records Part 3 by Kevin Ward
• The Coprolite Industry
• Research and Publications Working Group by Martin Lawrence
• Anglia University Centre for Regional Studies
• New Publications
Autumn 1997Issue 2.6• Colworth House visit
• AGM 1998
• Bedfordshire Local History Conference 1998
• ‘People’
• Cancellation of Local History Competition
• Manors and Manorial Records Part 2 by Kevin Ward
• New Publications
• News from the Record Office
Summer 1997Issue 2.5• Stockwood Craft Museum, Gardens and the Mossman Collection
• AGM 1997
• Manors and Manorial Records Part 1 by Kevin Ward
• Publications Working Group – A Report by Martin Lawrence
• The 18th Century’s Underclass
• Local History Lecture Competition
• Bedfordshire Local History Conference 1997
Spring 1997Issue 2.4• AGM 1997
• Visit to Wrest Park
• Bedfordshire Local History Conference 1997
• The Bedfordshire Magazine 50th Anniversary by Martin Lawrence
• Invaluable References
• Other Events
• Local History Competition
• Education in 1899
Winter 1996/7Issue 2.3• Forthcoming Events in 1997
• BLHA Lecture 1997
• AGM 1997
• Bedfordshire Life in the year 1227 by Norman Parry
• Congratulations to Bedfordshire record Office on retaining its Charter Mark
• Bedfordshire Local History Lecture Competition
• At Risk! The Bedfordshire Magazine on its 50th Anniversary
• New Publications
Autumn 1996Issue 2.2• AGM 1996
• Are there Any Aussies in your Attic? by Norman Parry
• The 1st Viscount Peel by Diana Mehew
• Apology
• Forthcoming Events
Spring 1996Issue 2.1• AGM 1996
• Bedfordshire Local History Conference 1996
• F G Emmison 1907–1995 – A Bedfordshire Perspective by Martin Lawrence
• Our Fire Service by Rex Skinner
• History Quiz
• New Publications
• Potton History Society
• Horse Engine House
Autumn 1995Issue 1.12• Bedfordshire Local History Association lecture 1996
• AGM 1996
• Running the 1995 Local History Conference by Tony Walker
• 1996 Bedfordshire Local History Conference
• Readers’ Letters
• New Home for Journal Archive by Stephen Coleman
• Luton Museum and Art Gallery
• Enjoyable Visit to Odell
• Diary of Forthcoming Events
• Chicksands Priory by Peter Wood
• New Publications
Summer 1995Issue 1.11• Guided Tour of Odell
• Local History Lecture Competition Results by Michael Kemp
• AGM 1995
• Diary of Forthcoming Events
• Some Dunstable Memories by Fred Moore
• Pilfering Problems Predicted for Pre-war Potton by Norman Parry
Spring 1995Issue 1.10• AGM 1995
• Forthcoming Events
• Video Recording of the Past
• The Shire Guide to Bedfordshire
• 1881 Census
• Unemployed Durham Miners Came to Potton by Norman Parry
• Common Ground want Your Parish Maps
Winter 1994/5Issue 1.9• Local History in the Making [talk]
• AGM 1995
• Conference of Local History Societies
• Around the Societies
• The Osborn Papers by Peter Wood
• Chicksands’ Questionnaire
• Local History Lecture Competition
• Attention Member Societies
Autumn 1994Issue 1.8• Forthcoming Events in 1995
• New Curator for Bedfordshire Museums
• Local Societies
• The Bedfordshire Festival by Peter Wood
• A Stroll Around Leighton Buzzard
• Readers’ Letters
• Building the Peace: VE Day and Beyond
• The Way to School
• Publications
• Local Societies Need Your Support
Summer 1994Issue 1.7• AGM 1994
• Parliamentary Papers by Pamela E Ormerod
• Bedfordshire Festival 1994
• Your Chance to Win £100
• Readers’ Letters
• Harlington Heritage Trust
• New Committee Member – Joyce Low
• New Publications
Spring 1994Issue 1.6• The First Year
• Forthcoming Events
• Can You Help?
• Committee Members – Biographies
• As it was in 1285 so it is in 1994
• On the Value of Streams, Butchers and Transport
• New Publications
Winter 1993/4Issue 1.5• Forthcoming Events
• Extraordinary General Meeting
• Steam on Road and Field in East Beds by Ken Page
• BCRO, Charter Marks and Local Government Reorganisation
• New Publications
• Committee Members – Biographies
Autumn 1993Issue 1.4• Successful First Event
• Future Events
• Biographies
• Chicksands – The Venue for the AGM by Peter J Wood
• Call for Contributions
• Bedfordshire Historical Record Society
Summer 1993Issue 1.3• BLHA Inauguration
• The Friends of Chicksands Priory
• Exhibition: Local History Published and Unpublished
• Certificate Course in Local History
• Record Office 80th Anniversary
• New Publications
Spring 1993Issue 1.2• Inaugural General Meeting
• Inaugural Address
• Bedfordshire Family History Society
• Conference of Mid-Bedfordshire History Societies
• Dunstable Historic and History Studies
• Forthcoming BLHA Events
Winter 1992/3Issue 1.1• Ideas into Action
• Committee Activities
• Inaugural Meeting
• Start-up Costs
• Summary of Perceived Needs
• Recent Local Publications