BLHA Conferences

BLHA AGM and Conference An Invitation to Societies to Host the Event

The AGM and Conference hosted on behalf of the BLHA is an ideal opportunity for local societies and groups to showcase their research work or particular interests, the event could also be hosted by groups working together.
Planning 12 months in advance is a good idea so that the event is added to both the BLHA and the hosting society’s calendar.

Guidelines that include things to consider are available here

BLHA Conference Guidelines June 2023

If you are interested in finding out more then please contact the BLHA Secretary.

DateSociety HostConference Programme
24 June 2023Potton History Society2023 Programme
25 June 2022Bedfordshire Historical Record Society2022 Programme
Conference postponed due to Covid 19
Conference postponed due to Covid 19
22 June 2019Bedfordshire Gardens Trust2019 Programme
02 June 2018
Clapham History Society 2018 Programme
24 June 2017Bedford Architectural, Archaeological & LHS2017 Programme
18 June 2016Sharnbrook local History Group2016 Programme
13 June 2015Clapham History Society 2015 Programme
14 June 2014Maulden History Society2014 Programme
15 June 2013Millbrook History Society2013 Programme
09 June 2012Ampthill & District Archaeological & Local History Society2012 Programme
11 June 2011Willington History Society2011 Programme
05 June 2010Potton History Society2010 Programme
12 June 2009Clapham History Society
17 May 2008Caddington Local History Society
19 May 2007Ampthill & District Archaeological & Local History Society
17 June 2006Colmworth and Neighbours History Society2006 Programme
18 June 2005Harlington Heritage Trust2005 Programme
12 June 2004Biggleswade History Society2004 Programme
14 June 2003Luton and District Historical Society & Luton Museum and Art Gallery