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Dear Group Organiser,

As a local historian and owner of independent bookseller, books @ Hoddesdon, I have just started touring libraries, museums and local community groups with illustrated talks based on my new book: Bedfordshire Through Time and I was wondering if you’d like to host an hour long presentation for your members some time in the next 12 months?

Over the last 3 years I have co-authored Hoddesdon Through Time, Hertford Through Time and Ware Through Time, as well as producing two feature-length documentaries on DVD covering the history of Hoddesdon from 1068 to 2012. This year I have written two new titles for Amberley Press’s Through Time series on Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, both published last month, which feature 100 period black and white photos juxtaposed with modern pictures of the exactly the same scenes today.

I am a very experienced public speaker; over the last eight years I have conducted many on-stage live interviews with major celebrities including Julie Walters, Nigella Lawson, Alan Titchmarsh and Alan Davies as part our Meet the Author seasons of events; as well as chairing national and international conferences.


I charge a fee of £45 per talk, plus 35p per mile for excess mileage over an initial free 20 miles return. I will bring copies of the book to sell at the end of my talk. Provided you can supply a screen, I can provide all other necessary equipment including laptop, projector, and extension lead.

 Talk Details

Bedfordshire Through Time is a journey through the County’s many delightful historic towns and villages using 100 charming period photos juxtaposed with their modern equivalents to chart the evolution, expansion and re-development of these places over the last century or more. The talk features Luton as the largest and most industrialised town in the shire; the historic County town of Bedford; along with a tour of many of Bedfordshire’s most scenic villages and hamlets. The audience are challenged to test their knowledge of their own county by being asked to identify some of the places from their period photos.

Regards, Stephen Poulter


books @ Hoddesdon
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Herts EN11 8TL
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