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Mystery Swain Collection Village Scene Postcard

A Volunteer is cataloguing old postcards of Bedfordshire villages at BLARS. The one pictured below has the volunteer stumped – it’s part of the Swain collection and it was filed under ‘Carlton’. Neither the volunteer or a few Carltonians who have seen the image think it’s Carlton. The printed information on the back just says : ‘a country lane’, but the writer signed off under her name with ‘Carlton, Sharnbrook’ which the volunteer supposes is how it came to be filed away with Carlton cards. The postmark is Sharnbrook.

Mystery Postcard

The volunteer has been to Sharnbrook and to Harrold but nothing there looks like it either. Of course it won’t look the same after almost a hundred years, but usually there are some clues.

If anyone has any suggestions, then please contact the BLHA secretary, who will forward the information on.

Thanks, on behalf of the volunteer.

BLHA secretary, Clive Makin at

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