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Hoddlesden and its satellite villages

Themes in this popular book, acclaimed by local and family historians, describe and illustrate the ways in which people earned a living in rural communities countrywide (similar to the experiences in Bedfordshire where lace was a domestic industry) during late eighteenth and throughout the nineteenth centuries. Both family and local historians have found ‘Hoddlesden and its satellite villages’ to be a useful portrait for writing their own personal accounts, albeit for villages other than their own.
A Library Manager at Lancashire County Council stated ‘It is a lovely book’
Mrs Sarah Ann … commented ‘My records became alive and enhanced to the point where I was proud of the result’
Mrs J R… stated ‘ Even my family became interested in their ancestors way of life’
The book is attractively presented in hardback with stitched binding and has 240 high quality pages containing around 170 illustrations mostly in colour. Included is an extensive bibliography and all sources are referenced, some little known. The purchase price is £14.99 plus p & p £3.50. When ordering from the author please state if you require a signed copy.
This book has been compiled by Roy Parker from his PhD research entitled ‘Forgotten Lancashire…’ A work which explored over 60 rural communities in east Lancashire and was identified by the British Library as ‘of high scholarly value’; although with a ‘highly readable style’.
Contact: Dr. Roy Parker. PhD; Cert Ed.
Tel: 01204 64424. email:

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